Our Services



We guarantee a personal, professional and passionate service, all individually "tailor-made" to suit your selling. Our services include:

  • Market appraisal.
  • Making out a brochure and advertising online.
  • Accompanied presentation of the property.
  • Negotiations with interested parties.
  • Setting up the sales agreement together with the notary public.
  • Assistance with understanding of the general terms.
  • Coordinate the financing.
  • Arranging of public recording.
  • Accompanied visit to the notary public.
  • Handing over the property.
for rent


Our first priority is to identify the most suitable tenants for your property, followed by a rental income that matches current market value. Our services include:

  • Market appraisal.
  • Making out a brochure and advertising online.
  • Accompanied presentation of the property.
  • Negotiations with interested parties.
  • Obtaining and checking references.
  • Setting-up a lease agreement.
  • Organisation of cleaning service and gardener.
  • Organisation of the deposit payment and coordinate transfer of utilities accounts.
  • Inventory and report and handing over the property.

search request

We provide a full range of property services to make the experience of finding a new residence an exceptional and successful experience. Our services include:

  • Individual briefing.
  • Pre-selection of suitable properties.
  • Accompanied presentation of the properties.
  • Negotiations with the landlords.
  • Negotiation of the sales price / lease payment.
  • Coordination of the sales-/ lease agreement.
  • Accompanied visit to the notary public (sale).
  • Inventory and Report.
  • Handing over the property.
  • Coordinate transfer of utilities accounts.


a new challenge

As globalization continues its steady march, relocating employees abroad plays an important role in building a successful business. Our focus lies on optimizing the employee's new environment immediately upon starting, during and continuing after their move. Since 1983 our company has successfully managed many transitions. We offer a 'tailor-made' relocation service to all our clients and have the right solution and expertise to manage your relocation requirements. You decide which service you need.
We are an international team and an independent relocation specialist.
The major milestones for your employees are to feel quickly settled in their new environment so that they can concentrate on their new function from the start.
Whatever your needs may be, we deliver an exceptional service designed to give you not only maximum benefit but also an enjoyable experience.



The first impression is usually decisive. Benefit from our local know-how. Our Orientation Service includes:

  • Introduction to local customs.
  • Viewing possible residential areas.
  • Discussing housing requirements.
  • Visiting schools and kindergartens.
  • A first sight of the nearest city.
  • Property viewings, if required.
  • General support service.


After discussing your housing requirements, properties will be located and pre-selected according to specified desiderata with regard to size, quality, location and price. Our Housing Service includes:

  • Location and pre-selection of properties.
  • Arranging appointments with landlords/agents.
  • Accompanied viewings with our clients.
  • Negotiation of rental costs.
  • Support with handling of security deposits.
  • Presentation of rental contract ready to be signed.
  • Inventory and report.
  • Handing over of the property.
  • Finding furnished apartments for interim solutions.
  • Organizing rental furniture, if required.


We assist you with the preparation and planning of the complete move. Our Moving Service includes:

  • Obtaining quotes from movers.
  • Registration of electricity, gas and water.
  • Registration of telecom, TV- and Radio.
  • Organization of craftsmen and gardener.
  • Information on household help and babysitter.


We assist you in mastering the following administrative formalities:

  • Work permit, if required.
  • Residence permit, if required.
  • Registration.
  • Car registration.
  • Importing car.
  • Drivers license.
  • Pet registration.
  • Bank-/Post account opening.
  • Insurance matters/brokers.

school and social

We want you to settle in smoothly and enjoy your stay in Switzerland. Our Family Service includes:

  • Kindergartens, local schools.
  • International schools and bilingual schools.
  • Day care.
  • Language course information.
  • International Clubs and Circles.
  • Fitness, Wellness, sport activities.
  • Tourism.
  • Daily matters e.g. shopping guidance.
  • Public and private transport.
  • English speaking doctors, dentists.
  • Hospitals and Emergency services.

Departure Service

We guarantee a well organized transition to your new destination. Our Departure Service includes:

  • Obtaining quotes from movers.
  • Termination of the lease agreement.
  • Cancellation of services.
  • Cancellation of insurances and telecom.
  • Coordination of renovation of the residence.
  • Obtaining quotes from cleaning services.
  • Gardener, if needed.
  • Mail forwarding.
  • Inventory and report.
  • Handing over the property.
  • Settlement of the security deposit.